Super foods that could slow down aging

Whole eggs

Packed with protein, eggs help to build lean muscle to keep your metabolism up. The whites are filled with the muscle-building macro. The egg’s yolk contains anti-inflammatory vitamin D and fat-blasting choline.

Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO)

Just two tablespoons of EVOO a day, with its high phenol content, could considerably cut systolic blood pressure in less than a month. People who consume olive oil daily derived the benefits of increased serotonin than the people who ate other types of fats.

Canned tuna

This inexpensive protein is crammed with anti-inflammatory omega-3s. A three ounce serving of tuna has an impressive 19 grams of protein for under 90 calories— ideal for preserving lean muscle mass used to boost metabolism.


These berries are packed with more vitamin C than oranges. In fact, people who consumed vitamin C showed a decrease in blood pressure faster than those who didn’t take it.


Nuts are rich in mood-boosting selenium, tryptophan – the essential amino acid necessary for serotonin production – and depression fighting omega-3 fatty acids.