Nine Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight.

1.Your energy levels are going to skyrocket:

This is the first thing people notice when they start shedding the pounds. But why does this happen? When you’re carrying around less weight, you use less energy simply going about your day. It also improves oxygen efficiency, which reduces the instances where you find yourself out of breath.

2.Your memory could improve:

A 2013 Swedish study revealed that older women scored better on memory tests after following a six-month weight loss plan. Their brain scans showed more activity during the encoding process – this is the process where memories are formed – and less activity during the recall process, which indicated that recalling memories required less effort.

3.Your relationship may be tested:

Although losing weight will make you feel more confident, it won’t necessarily make your partner feel so. On the contrary. Researchers have found that if a person loses a lot of weight, it can adversely impact the relationship they are in. Their partner may feel threatened, insecure, and forced to consider his or her health choices in the bargain.