What humans do that science can’t explain!



Sigmund Freud said that dreams are unconscious previews into our inner-most desires. This may explain dreams about reuniting with a childhood pet or realizing a personal goal but not the ones in which family members suffer terrible accidents.


What causes blushing? Some theories suggest that we blush as a way of showing submission to more powerful members of society. Why we blush is a question not yet answered by science.

Making memories

A memory recall study, at Montreal University, suggests that memories can be changed each time we remember them. Neuroscientist Karim Nader said he’d seen the first plane hit WTC (on TV) the morning of 9/11. He realized later that television footage of the attacks were only broadcast the following day. A 2003 study confirmed that out of 569 college students, 73% also remembered 9/11 the same way.


Some scientists have connected kissing to memories of being breastfed – opening the link between pleasure and sharing saliva. However, we know that kissing releases endorphins to get you in “the mood.”

Being intuitive

When you ‘feel’ what is and what isn’t right for you, you are using your intuition. The biological cause and origin of this ‘gut feeling’ remains a mystery.