How to USE/FIND Ancestors ONLINE

How to know who your ancestors are – to know who you really are

The world we live in today is populated with people who are a mix of different religions, cultures, ethnicities and gene pools. Over time, populations have moved across countries and continents, adopting various languages and customs as their own. The USA is a case in point which has welcomed immigrants who have integrated and formed their own individual nationality.

For the most part, people usually know who their grandparents, great grandparents and even great, great grandparents were. But how many people are aware of who their ancestors were going back many generations? Even if you know where your ancestors came from, do you really know who they were? Or how to find them?

If you want to trace your ancestry and discover your roots, you can try creating your family tree by going online and checking out sites like They offer a simple process that helps you build your family tree.