10 MYTHS About the BRAIN that Just Aren’t True


MYTH 1: The Brain is Grey

Although much of the brain is gray (hence the term ‘gray matter’), it’s also white, black and red. The white matter comprises nerve fibers, the black is part of the basal ganglia and the red is because of the brain’s many blood vessels. A colorful brain, come to think of it, is more apt than a dull one.

MYTH 2: Listening to Mozart Increases Brain Power.

This myth began in the 1950s when a doctor by the name of Albert Tomatis claimed that Mozart’s music was helping him treat people with speech and auditory problems. This was followed by a study that claimed students’ IQ scores went up after listening to Mozart. Unfortunately, these studies are controversial and the results have never been replicated.

MYTH 3: Bigger Brains are Better Brains

Many people think that a big brain adds up to more brainpower, but it’s absolutely untrue. A cow, for instance, has a much bigger brain than a chimpanzee. But we know that chimps are smarter. Proof that size is no indication of power or effectiveness.