7 Small Romantic Gestures to Improve Your Dating Life


Most of us remember the first time someone bought us flowers for no apparent reason or surprised us with a homemade meal – because it made us feel special.
If you’re looking to improve your dating life in the coming years (and boost your own well being in the process), here’s something to try: small random acts of kindness.

According to a new study published in the journal Emotion, not only are small romantic gestures good for your relationship, they’re good for your emotional well-being, as well.

The researchers surveyed 175 married people about how often they did something nice for their partner and how often something nice was done for them.

Researchers found that gestures that were acknowledged were most beneficial to the couple’s relationship. However, they also discovered that the gestures that went unnoticed still made the giver happier overall – which proves that it really is better to give than to receive.

Study author Harry Reis points out, “Humans are wired to give. We are a cooperative species, and there are mechanisms in us that encourage social behavior.”