12 Unique Places To Explore This Winter


1. Christmas Island, Australia

Experience an exotic and summery Christmas on this little tropical island that belongs to Australia. Known for its unique species of flora and fauna, two-thirds of Christmas Island is a National Park.

2. Methow Valley, Washington, USA

It’s a few hours’ drive from Seattle. It features more than a hundred miles of excellent trails for cross-country skiing. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful Nordic systems in America. It’s the perfect destination for the perfect winter holiday.

3. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Add sunshine to your winter on long stretches of beautiful beaches set against a stunning landscape, with exciting water sports and fabulous marine life that includes 250 different kinds of coral reefs and 1000 fish species.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Everyone loves Rio, and winter – February to be precise – is the perfect time to visit. Experience the world’s biggest and most legendary carnival, the Rio Carnival. The world-class hotels, fabulous beaches and iconic landmarks are just a bonus.