5 Ultra Cheap and Super Fun Summer Weekend Activities for The Whole Family


It’s summer. The kids are out of school, with not much to do. You and your spouse probably have a bit more flexibility at work. The weather is gorgeous. And glorious weekends wait to create memories that will be fondly remembered for years after.

You don’t need a big budget, exotic destinations or months of meticulous planning to create a memorable weekend. You just need your family and an idea of the activities that are available for you to make the most of. You bring the former, we’ve got the latter.

Here are our top picks of the perfect weekend activities you and your family might be interested in.


A free scavenger hunt activity that anyone can participate in, geocaching uses GPS devises (like a smartphone or Garmin GPS device) to create treasure hunts. Small caches are hidden all over the world by volunteers. It allows you to travel to unexpected places – large towns, states and national parks are all places geocaches are found. Get your family together, you can be a team, or compete against each other, and experience the thrill of the treasure hunt chase. The first step? Visit www.geocaching.com to know more.