Walk-In Tubs Are the Best Way for Seniors and the Disabled to enjoy an Independent, Safe Bathing Experience


Imagine bathing in Safety and Comfort once again, Here are some reasons why buying a walk-in tub can make bathing a great experience.

1. Layers of Safety

The entrance to a Walk-in Tub through the door opening is only a couple of inches high, perfect for those with limited mobility.

Moulded seating in the tub enables a stable posture with no chance of slips or falls, ideal for those with back injuries or weakness.

2. Supreme Comfort

The relaxed seating position enables a comfortable bath with all important taps and controls within arm’s reach for easy access.

There are dozens of additional extras that can be fitted to Walk-in Tubs, including hydrotherapy spa jets and entertainment systems.

3. Competitive Pricing

Walk-in Tubs can be ‘plug and play’, cleanly replacing a bath or a shower recess with a minimum of time or fuss. Alternatively, they can be made into a stand-out bathroom feature to be proud of.

Multiple price ranges for Walk-in Tubs exist, from economy through to ultra-luxury. To see which model is best for your budget or for more information, see the links below.